Triathlon – Swim, Cycle and Run

A triathlon is a multiple-sport competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines.

A triathlon in its most popular form, involves swimmingcycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances.

For the ninth year in the South West of England there will be an open water triathlon dedicated to Women. It will once again take place at the Cotswold Country Park and Beach, part of Britain’s largest water park. I will be taking on this very popular Cotswold Sprint Triathlon on Sunday 11th June 2017.

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Top Tip:

When training for any event, it’s very important to fuel your body with food and ensure you hydrate with water.  I’ve never been one for eating lots of food. I would often miss breakfast and go hours without eating in between meals, no wonder I felt tired and sluggish throughout the day. Tips that have really helped me to break this bad routine has been firstly eating a breakfast on a morning and secondly, taking a snack-bag to work with me.

The night before I will fill this bag with a different selection of fruits, nuts, oat crackers, take a jar of peanut butter, some yoghurt, sometimes a boiled egg and even an avocado. Spending 10 minutes preparing my snack bag every night ensures that I have enough food to fuel my body for the day.

“Planning has played a big part in my success”