Many people find exercising difficult during the winter months.

The weather is cold, the days draw in dark quickly and once the New Year’s resolutions fade away for some it becomes a battle.

However, take a healthy approach and becoming fitter doesn’t have to become a task the size of Mount Everest. There are many ways in which you can use helpful motivational tools and great tips to keep you on track. Starting a health program in the winter months can be more of a challenge but it certainly can be done. Here are some top tips in order to keep your fitness regime going.

  1. Train with a friend and keep each other motivated.
  2. Set yourself small and realistic goals. If you can’t measure it how can you achieve it?
  3. Use an event as a motivation tool such as a summer holiday, a party or special occasion to work towards.
  4. Eat well and get your diet on point. Give your body the right fuel for either weight loss or training.
  5. Embrace winter, hot drinks, warming foods, enjoy your winter wardrobe.
  6. Vitamin D, when the winter sun is out, wrap up and go for walks.
  7. Move more and keep the cold at bay. No one likes to feel cold so set yourself daily steps challenges using a fitbit or tracking devise and beat your scores daily.
  8. Get plenty of sleep, your immune system has to work extra hard in winter so help your body.
  9. When exercising boost your mood by listening to music while you train.
  10. Do something different, try a new fitness class or do a new physical activity and incorporate friends and family to boost your wellbeing.

Tony Beardsley

Tony Beardsley is the Director of Beyond Inspired and set up the business to help and reach out to families who wish to become healthier. A Leeds based family run business that works with all ages and abilities from children through to the elderly. The company is passionate about giving everyone the chance to improve their lifestyle through exercise and diet.

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Blog written by Tony Beardsley (Company Director of Beyond Inspired)