On Sunday 9th July, the day after the Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza, myself and Nat took part in the Leeds 10k, organised by Run For All, with over 11,000 people taking part.

This being Nat’s first road race she was rather excited but also a little nervous. I was obviously cool as a cucumber as 10k felt like a breeze to me now! But getting to run with Nat made this one extra special and being able to do it in our home city put the icing on the cake.

We had our number 1 supporters with us Gary and Sarah! Giving Gary a new role this time as our personal coach meant he got to carry our bags.  Sarah was our new photographer for the day! I was more prepared for this race compared to the Hull 10k. We arrived an hour before the race started at 08:30am.

Carers Leeds kindly let us use their toilet facilities before we made our way to the sea of runners. We said goodbye to our support parry and joined our friends, Robyn and Sam at the start line.

At 09:30am we crossed the start line. We headed through the city centre and out towards Wellington Street. From there the route was becoming too familiar for me, having done this same route at the Leeds Abbey Dash and on the Leeds Half Marathon. I’ve now called it the dreaded Kirkstall Road that seems to go on and on and on for a lifetime. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but it is long and boring.

Anyway, I had Nat for company and that’s all I needed. We began the long stretch of road down towards Kirstall. The sun was out and we were feeling good. Many people were out to support the participants and there were extra water stations along the way (not making any mistakes like they did in the Hull 10k). We saw many people dressed up in great outfits and many running for charity.

We came to the point where we had to turn round, both of us still smiling we slowed down to a walk to catch some air and rehydrate. We were doing very well for time, with it being Nat’s first 10k she was smashing it! I tell her, ‘we only need to run back now and we are there’. We carried on and headed back down in the city centre. Only 4k left to run, we were storming it! We were laughing, smiling, and really taking in the atmosphere.

Edging closer and closer to the Town Hall, I inform Nat we only have 2k to go and a small hill to tackle. Making good ground, we fly over the small hill, come off the ring road and straight out in front of us is the finish line! You can’t do a race with Grace without doing her finish. I grab Nat’s hand and together we sprint to the line – waving to Gary and Sarah as we cross the finish line at 1:05:51

I’m super proud of Nat and what she achieved –  having Nat run with me meant so much!