On Sunday 18th June, I took part in the Hull 10k and what a scorcher of a day it was.

Not as prepared as my other races, we were pushed for time getting to Hull and finding a car parking space was a nightmare! We parked up at 09:00am and I sprinted to the start line, finding a toilet stop along the way.

A tip for anyone who finds themselves running on a hot day, wear a sun hat! A mistake I made on this challenge.

I wean my way through the crowd of runners to find myself standing next to the pacer of 50 minutes. We had a minute silence for the London terror attacks and safety briefings from the organisers.

Before I knew it, I was off on challenge no.6! Setting my pace, I get into a rhythm. We make our way out of the city centre and in to some housing estate. With little shade and the sun beaming (being one of the hottest days of the year) I could feel my legs tiring quicker than normal and my pace slower. At mile 1 we had a water station which I took advantage of. Now heading out of the estate, I made my way through to the Humber Estuary.

Surrounded by some great views I ran down to the ‘The Deep’. At this stage I was nearly half way round the route. Hoping for a water station, none were in sight! Finding it hard with the heat, I had to press on and battle through. We did a loop round the ‘River Hull’ and headed back into the city.

At mile 4 I finally approached a water station. This time stopping to consume as much water as possible, I knew I wasn’t on for a fast finish! Running in and out of Hull city centre, seeing many people collapsing with exhaustion and heat stroke, I knew this wasn’t as well organised compared to other races I had participated in.

I tried to pick my legs up for the last 2 miles but my body wouldn’t allow it. Nearly there, I told myself to keep moving. Then in style as I turned the corner I sprinted for the finish line in 59:05!

Hull 10k was a race I did enjoy, made harder with the heat. We stayed for a lovely afternoon in Hull and I treated myself to my favourite – an egg mayo sandwich.