This was a double weekend of challenges for me, kicking off with the mystery challenge on Saturday 8th July taking part in the 5k Canal Canter Summer Extravaganza.

I chose this event as I wanted to choose something for everyone to be a part of. I was joined by 10 other colleagues and friends who also took part alongside me.

The event started at 09:30am. I picked up two carers on route and we arrived at registration for 08:45am. Representing Carers Leeds at this event, I made sure everyone was wearing their blue T-shirts!

Once we had all registered, everyone looked at me for stretches so I did a 10 minute warm up. We then had our safety briefing and stood at the start line to begin our race.

And we were off!!!!!!! All but one had entered the 5k race either walking or running. I did a bit of both. The oldest member on our team, well actually of the whole event, was 78 years old, walking the 5k, she was inspirational. I set off with everyone, and slowly people began to go off in their own groups.

I firstly walked with Jean and Ann (our oldest team members), seeing how they were, nattering away. I then went and caught up with Janet, Nat, Alison and Sue who were walking at ease, laughing and giggling. I then managed to catch up with Lai who was like sonic, briskly walking, taking in all the sun and scenery. I then had to get my skates on and in the second half I caught up with April who was running her first ever 5k . I stayed with April the rest of the race and we crossed the finish line together. She did amazing and I’m so proud of what she had achieved. Knowing how hard April had been training for this event, getting to finish it with her was an emotional and inspiring feeling. I didn’t manage to keep up with Fiona as she smashed the 5k and was the first woman back taking first prize. Our other team member Ian took part in the 10k and did amazingly well.

Everyone finished the race smiling and said they really enjoyed themselves. There were some delicious cakes and a BBQ awaiting us at the end, which obviously we consumed. We may have all gone about it differently, completing the race today, but we all shared the same vision and that was to be a part of something together, supporting Step Into My Shoes. Having other people be inspired and for them wanting to be a part of this journey is a goal I hoped it would achieve!

Congratulations to all of you who took part – I’m super proud of our team achievements! I lastly want to say a huge thank you to those of you who collected sponsors and donated it to Step Into My Shoes.